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About Us

We are an online store located in Perth, Western Australia specializing in ergo and eco-friendly goods for children.

But first of all we are parents who love their kids. And, as most parents do, we wish our kids the best. Having moved to live in amazing Perth we found that we could not find here those little things which we used to use before: soft and comfortable Japanese nappies for babies; quality leather orthopaedic shoes which help form toddler's fооt; and bright, stylish and attractive European cotton clothes for young boys and girls. Also in the world inundated with plastic toys, we prefer our children to play with safe, handcrafted, colourful wooden toys which help them learn their environment and develop their creativity.

So, we’ve decided to bring diversity to our city and enrich it with well-established products which help many families raise their children properly and safely. 

We look forward to seeing you.

Baby+ Team

ABN 67 606 821 292